About Us

Located right off the highway, Red Fish Aruba is the best place to enjoy quality seafood in a local setting. We offer daily fresh catch, as well as a taste of our local cuisine. Our fish is caught daily in our local waters. Eat it by the pound, or enjoy it in one of our combination dishes.

One thing is certain, you will be enjoying the best quality seafood, with the locals, just the way the locals like it.

In 2013 we started simple, serving only deep-fried fish and shrimps by the pound. Locals were raving at the freshness and quality of our daily catch, and started to demand more options. We now have an extensive menu where we feature famous local dishes like “Keshi Yena” a chicken stew covered in cheese or “Sopi di Jambo” which is a traditional okra soup, a local favorite. Herby, the owner only selects the highest quality to serve at the restaurant. He is a local fisherman himself and surely knows what fresh seafood is.

Mission and Vision

Our Mission is to serve only the highest quality seafood at an affordable price in a casual setting where tourists will feel the warmth of our local traditional dishes and relaxed atmosphere. With a vision to keep an authentic Aruban feel to the restaurant. We want the locals and tourist alike to feel what it is to ‘eat local’.

What makes us different?

Red Fish is true representation for what is local and Caribbean flavor. We can guarantee fresh quality seafood by choosing and serving only the freshest catch. Our easy going, casual setting fits well with the local lifestyle and gives our tourist the opportunity to experience authentic local cuisine.

Our specialties

We are well known by our fish and shrimps sold by the pound but serve a variety of special dishes like lobster, conch, filet mignon, and whole fish (when available).

Reason for choosing Fresh Ingredients


Our food so good, people sit on the dining chairs to enjoy the fresh seafood

Our restaurant is getting fame rest of all restaurants in which wants even providing extraordinarily and high quality services to never ever forget.

“Enjoy it fresh, just like the locals do.”

Aruba view - Over the Ocean

Really your kids will ever enjoy the our beautiful places and delicious meals with enormous window offers a breathtaking view of ocean.

“Enjoy it fresh, just like the locals do.”

Special Cocktails

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Tuesday - Sunday

11.00 am - 10.00 pm

"Enjoy it fresh, just like the locals do." Red Fish Aruba Restaurant.